Floating Room

Hypersaline bath with Epson salts
Raise floating
A floatation tank for a suggestive and exciting experience, a new dimension of psychophysical relaxation.
The water is immersed in water kept at a temperature of about 35 ° C, in which an important amount of salt is dissolved which keeps the body almost suspended without any voluntary effort in conditions similar to the absence of gravity. The body begins to “fly” and the perception of one’s body boundaries is almost completely lost; control falls asleep, the mind is free.

Relaxation: creates total relaxation, eliminates fatigue and the Jet-Lag. It improves sleep and relieves physical and mental stress, reharmonises the nervous system and deprograms it from excess tension.
Cerebral stimulation: creates mental clarity and increases creativity
Psychic reinforcement: reinforces motivation, reduces depression, anxiety and fear.
Cool down: reduces blood pressure and oxygen consumption, improves circulation and distribution of nutrients in the body.
Beneficial effects on the body: decreases the production of lactic acid, cortisol and adrenaline. Increases the production of endorphins by speeding up recovery from injuries. It improves muscle pain, arthritis and improves the immune system.

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