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At the Spa Kalè you can find comfortable cabins, designed with the utmost care and customized to your needs. From Kalè you can find top quality services; in our philosophy, treatment is not just a product application but a real special massage. Both during the Massages and during the Treatments it is possible to benefit from deep and beneficial dexterities, to enhance the power and effectiveness of the active ingredients. The operators of our team will take care of you to recommend treatments aimed at satisfying your every need in order to offer you the extraordinary beneficial effects of the philosophy of Spa Kalè: the search for authentic beauty and total well-being.

The 3 perceptions of Wellness – the exclusive method for you. Body, Aesthetics and Senses:

ENHANCING the PHYSICAL perception of Wellness >>> Dissolving stiffness, freeing the body from pain

EXALTING the AESTHETIC perception of Wellness >>> Treating the skin so as to make it fresh, luminous, modeling the forms and infusing new vigor to the body

RE-BALANCE SENSORIAL perception of Wellness >>> Raising stress and awakening emotions

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